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Hi. I’m Mark D. Hamill (no, not the Star Wars actor). Since 2006, I have been providing phpBB services to the phpBB community. phpBB is popular forum software used on the Internet. As of 16 March 2018, I have served 337 distinct customers and completed 888 requests for service. I figure I must be doing good work because I get a lot of repeat business. There is not much I can’t do to service your phpBB needs … and I can usually do it quickly, elegantly, professionally and at affordable rates.

I am also the author of two complex and frequently used phpBB extensions and modifications, Digests and Smartfeed.

Please check out my services page to see what I can do for you. If you have a support inquiry, use my handy form. Feel free to browse my site or to send me email. If you send me email, it may be helpful to place “phpBB” in the subject line somewhere to get my attention.


February 19, 2018 – Digests 3.2.6 released. Works on phpBB 3.2 Rhea only. Announcement

October 27, 2017 – Professional labor rate now applies for corporations, LLCs and larger non-profits. (Most clients unaffected.) Blog post

August 14, 2017 – Smartfeed 3.0.8 approved by phpBB extension team. Announcement


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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sunday Sept 23 2012 18:00 CDT

    Thanks again Mark!

    I’ll for sure keep you on file for any future phpBB work that is required.


    To fill in the blank spaces for anyone else reading this post, I migrated, with great difficulty and cost, my website from one webhost to another. To make a long story short, the migration company tech, (who was supposed to be versed in phpBB), couldn’t find his backside with both hands while standing in front of a mirrow.

    I enlisted Mark to the rescue and in under 2 hours he had the board working fine, along with an update to phpBB 3.0.11 and several mods.

    If you need a good man for the job on phpBB, Mark IS the man!

    Patrick McCrary

  2. I wanted to commend Mark for the excellent job he did upgrading our site and plugins.

    It was not an out of the box set up, with changes to both look and function. He got it all and it all worked right the first time. Done when he said it would be done and for the low end of the cost range he quoted.

    I highly recommend Mark!

  3. Thank you again, Mark!!!! You did in one afternoon what I haven’t been able to figure out in 90+ hours! The forum is working AWESOME on its new host and looks exactly like it did on the old host. You are officially A God.

    I HIGHLY recommend Mark for any phpBB issues. Very impressed with the speed and ease with which he handled everything. It was like turning to a wizard and paying for magic. I spent DOZENS of hours following phpBB rehosting instructions from the phpBB forums and elsewhere, with zero success and more internal service errors than I care to remember. Mark did the whole thing in a very short time, and made it look easy. I wish I’d emailed him last weekend and saved myself 90 hours of frustration that I will never get back.

    So glad I found this site. You saved me from a mental breakdown.

    Thank you so so much!!!

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