Digests 2.2.20 in final testing

I think the phpBB Mod Team would have preferred I just address their minor issues and do a new release, but I spent time working on features instead. It’s about ready to go, but hoping to get an updated language translation or two. Will it survive the always thorough phpBB Mod Team review? Experience suggests probably not, which is why it takes so long to get new “official” versions published when you work on a complex mod like this.

Likely feature list:

  • Edit Subscribers interface is greatly improved to show those who elected to stop receiving digests, to allow filtering by username or partial username, and to show when digest was last successfully sent for a subscriber.
  • The date and time that a subscriber last successfully received a digest is now tracked. It can be viewed in the Edit Subscribers ACP interface.
  • Hiding Javascript now conforms to phpBB recommendations.
  • Language installation files now in the /contrib folder.
  • Switch now optionally shows email address of subscriber in the ACP Admin log. By default it is not shown. This addresses a security concern.
  • readme.html includes updated advice.
  • Multiline comments are now delimited with /* and */ instead of each line using //, per phpBB Mod Team recommendation.
  • Fixed bug that showed posts in subsequent months in the monthly digest.
  • HTML entities are used instead of escaping characters in needed language strings.
  • French language translation revised.
  • The messenger mail queue is no longer used by default. Its usage for digests is sometimes problematical.
  • Fixed bug caused error if mail queue was enabled but there were no digests to send.

Attached is a picture of the Edit Subscribers interface reworked. This is where I invested most of my time.