Digests 2.2.23 Released

For years I’ve heard the request “I need as an administrator to change any setting for a digest for a user.” It’s an easy request to say, but hard to do. Happily in this latest version of phpBB Digests, I’ve done this at last, as well as fixed a critical bug in the Balance Load function and reformatted it so it can be more easily seen by showing hours as rows.

I had to work inside the framework for the Administration Control Panel which does not work well with displays of tabular data or expanding areas of interest. Frankly, this version was a hell of a lot of work, puzzling and very challenging to figure out but it is solid and well tested. Bugs should be minimal.


Enjoy. You can download it from the Digests page.

Digests 2.2.23 in development

I spent the last couple of nights working on the next version of digests. People have requested for years a feature that would allow an administrator to change any digest setting for a user. That’s what I’ve been working on. It sounds like an easy feature to demand, but a very hard thing to do, but I’ve been chipping away at it, adding the feature to the Edit Subscribers section. The remaining part to be done, and the most complicated, is to allow the administrator to edit the particular forums to which someone is subscribed.

You can get a sense for how the user interface is going from the attached screen snapshot. In Edit Subscribers, you click on the user name and can see and edit all the details about them.

Edit subscribers - in development
Edit subscribers – in development