Digests 2.2.26 is now available

Digests 2.2.26 is now available. Upgrade instructions are available. This version will not work with phpBB 3.1. Here’s what’s new:

  • Digests now support the ability to create digests after the fact. For example, if your cron job was deleted, you can create a digest as if they had happened in the past. This is done with two new URL parameters for mail_digests.php: date and hour, both of which are required. Date must be in a YYYY-MM-DD format. Hour must be from 0 to 23. Example: http://example.com/phpBB3/mail_digests.php?date=2014-12-01&hour=12. Date and hour should be expressed in server time, not board time or GMT, since cron jobs are run based on server time. See /contrib/readme.html for more details on how to determine server time.
  • Inactive users with digest subscriptions will no longer receive digests.
  • For enhanced personalization, digests will show the board’s user name instead of “you” or “your” in three places.
  • Post subject, post text, private messages text, private message subjects and attachment comments now are parsed to remove text that should be censored.
  • Administrators can explicitly require certain forums to appear in all digests or require certain forums to never appear in a digest. This does not work if bookmarked topics only are selected by a subscriber.
  • Fixed a bug that did not embed the proper links in the HTML classic digest when no post text was desired.
  • You can now set a digest time zone in digest general settings. This is used in edit subscribers and balance load so you can more easily see when people or groups receive digests. Previously these data were shown in the board timezone only, making it hard to troubleshoot issues.
  • Fixed a bug in Balance Load that was incorrectly reporting the number of digests for a particular hour. The overall numbers were correct but they were not assigned to the proper hour.
  • Reapplied some Javascript that had mysteriously gone missing for prosilver in the forums selections page. The alert box which appeared if you unchecked all forums and tried to submit the form is now back.
  • Fixed a bug with subsilver2 and the digests user control panel interface that caused all form submission Javascript logic to not be executed. Moved this logic from an onsubmit event to the form to the onclick event of the submit button. The logic was not executing because on subsilver2 each form is embedded inside a larger form. If you use subsilver2 actively, make sure to replace /styles/subsilver2/templates/ucp_digests.html.

You can download the latest version from my digests page.

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