Digests version 2.2.27 released

I created a new and likely last final version of the digests mod (for phpBB 3.0). It is mainly to make some bug fixes, most of which I discovered when testing the digests extension in development. The new version can be downloaded from my digests page.

From the change log:

  • Removed the non-British English language contributions as they are woefully out of date and thus confusing. If a translation is needed, translate from the English version. See contrib/readme.html for more suggestions.
  • Fixed a bug in the unmark all link in Edit subscribers. Also fixed the column headers to collapse language strings into one field.
  • Edit subscribers and balance load digest hour send time now properly converts hour to digest time zone (set in Digests general settings).
  • Removed the ability in Mass subscribe inactive users, since mail_digests specifically filters them out.
  • Fixed an issue in mail_digests.php where it incorrectly reported private messages read.
  • A digest will show a list of subscribed forums in the footer if you selected only certain forums to appear in the digest. If you chose bookmarks, the message in the footer will indicate that bookmarks were chosen.
  • The maximum number of posts in a digest setting works. Previously it was ignored.
  • The new posts only in a digest setting works. Previously it was ignored.
  • Added better pattern matching for removing images in digests if that is elected. Some images were not completely removed.
  • Fixed issues that did not correctly embed the .php suffix in some links.

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