Digests 3.0.5 (RC4) Released

Version 3.0.5 (RC4) has been released. Download link on the first post of the phpBB Digests extension topic or on the Digests page.

Summary of changes from 3.0.4:

  • German language files updated by Praggle … thanks!
  • If a digest is sent for multiple hours, the mailer will note the successful completion for a particular hour.
  • Javascript code blocks meets coding standards
  • New ACP module to reset date when digests were last sent
  • Created a class containing common functions and integrated them into the mailer and the UCP interface
  • Cache folder has been moved to /store/ext/phpbbservices/digests
  • Digest UCP interface disabled when extension is disabled

Thanks to all for the feedback, particularly the extension writers for so many useful comments.

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