Digests 3.0.6 (RC5) now available

Digests version 3.0.6 is available for testing. It can be downloaded here or you can grab it from GitHub.

For details on installing and configuring digests, see the first post of the digests extension topic on phpbb.com.

You can see a complete list of changes compared with 3.0.5 here:

To highlight some of the major changes since the last release:

  • The code has been cleaned up with PhpStorm, removing a lot of unused variables, fixing a lot of inconsistencies and in some cases fixing errors that PhpStorm found. It’s an impressive IDE.
  • Edit subscribers search feature is now case insensitive.
  • Duplicate digests bug is hopefully fixed. For a given hour, digests will ensure that a user has not received a digest for the requested time period. For example, for daily digests at least 24 hours must have passed since the last digest was recorded to have been sent for it to go out.
  • Encoding of the FROM email name now matches how it is handled in /includes/functions_messenger.php
  • If a user has not chosen a timezone in the User Control Panel, the board timezone is used. This prevents a HTTP 500 error. This can happen when installing a new forum and using the admin account for testing.
  • html_messenger object is reset after each email is sent, which might also address duplicate digests going out for a given hour.
  • Added ext.php to the archive, which enforces rule to use phpBB 3.1.9 (but not phpBB 3.2)
  • Email templates now include the missing <html> tag for HTML digests, making them valid HTML 5.
  • Both the date and hour are shown in the admin log when a digest is sent (assuming this option is enabled). This aids troubleshooting if more than a day has elapsed since digests were sent out.
  • Migrator fixes issue with User Control Panel permissions if a user converted Digest 3.0 mod subscriptions using Digests 3.0.4 or earlier. The bug had limited seeing the Digest options in the UCP to admins only.

Thanks to testers for finding bugs both large and obscure, and to Praggle for the German translation.

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