Digests extension and phpBB 3.1.10

It appears that there are some bugs or features in phpBB 3.1.10 that affect the digest extension:

  • If you install versions of the digest extension prior to the latest 3.0.6, phpBB will complain because there is no exp.php program in the extension. This was introduced in 3.0.6 and appears to be required in phpBB 3.1.10.
  • If after disabling the digests extension you also select the option to delete the extension’s data, the following error will appear: “Something went wrong during the request and an exception was thrown. The changes made before the error occurred were reversed to the best of our abilities, but you should check the board for errors. A required module does not exist: ACP_CAT_DIGESTS”. In fact based on my testing all the data is deleted including modules, config table rows and columns added to the phpbb_users table. So the message is erroneous.

I think it’s likely that this is caused by bugs introduced in phpBB 3.1.10 to the migrator class. This may require the phpBB group to put out a patch to this version. Issues with the migrator are known so presumably these will be fixed.

I have not extensively tested Digests 3.0.6 with phpBB 3.1.10 but I have not encountered any other bugs so far, so if installed it should work correctly, just flag a bogus error when uninstalled.

Updated 10/26/16:

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