Smartfeed 3.0.6 released

The extension has been submitted for phpBB extension team review. You can download it here.

Of note:

  • All corrections required by the extensions review team have been addressed. All code was reviewed in PhpStorm to fix problematic issues and remove unneeded variables.
  • Supports phpBB 3.1.9 through 3.2 (Rhea)
  • Fixed bug that did not provide the encryption key (e parameter) with the embedded IP in the Smartfeed URL if Require IP Authentication is turned on in the ACP, leading to an erroneous error message if the URL for the feed is used.
  • Ability to use the ACP interface now requires the acl_a_extensions permission instead of acl_a_board permission
  • Copyrights changed to 2017
  • Containers are used to fetch global variables
  • jQuery UI library added to support enhanced dialog boxes
  • Where appropriate Javascript events now written in jQuery
  • CDATA removed from templates, as they are not needed in HTML5
  • Javascript without template variables moved into .js files
  • Host URL updated to use www prefix
  • Some previously allowed tags in Safe HTML were removed as they are deprecated

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