Smartfeed 3.0.7 Released

Smartfeed 3.0.6 was not approved but the issues were quite minor. A review always takes time because there is a review queue, but in addition it took weeks before I could submit 3.0.6 because I had bundled SimplePie, and the library was so big that it couldn’t be uploaded. Eventually the webmaster fixed the problem and it could be reviewed.

Anyhow, 3.0.7 is now available. The only change in functionality is that Smartfeed no longer uses mcrypt (it is being deprecated) and uses openssl instead. openssl is almost always available so it will be a rare board that can’t support encrypted feeds.

Download here from GitHub or grab it off this site.

Here are a list of changes:

  • PHP’s openssl library is now used instead of mcrypt. As a result of the change, users may have to run the Smartfeed user interface to create a new URL. They will get a message in the feed to this effect if it occurs.
  • Fixed some links to use the helper class’s route method.
  • Replaced <br /> tags with <br> tags since HTML 5 is more flexible than XHTML which is no longer used.
  • Language strings use curly quotes.
  • Removed language variable that were no longer used.
  • Changed the URL to the Smartfeed page to prefix it with www.

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