Another Aabaco (Yahoo) Small Business hosting rant

Getting clients off Aabaco (formally Yahoo small business) web hosting is becoming something of a specialty of mine. Today I finished a three day job involving moving a client’s phpBB 2 forum off of Aabaco to a new host and a new domain. (See previous post on Aabaco.)

Earlier in the year I was finally successful getting a client’s data off of Aabaco web hosting. Mainly I was stymied by getting a copy of the database since the binaries Aabaco provides are not portable or usable. I couldn’t make a backup in phpBB 2. The functionality is there, but unless you have the tiniest forum you can’t make a backup because it times out.

So that leaves trying to get a backup using phpMyAdmin, which is installed on Aabaco sites but of course it’s a dreadfully old version. Same problem there. Any table of sufficient size (like the phpbb_posts table) you can’t export because of a web hosting timeout. Earlier in the year though I finally figured out a way to get an export. It involved taking slices of large tables and exporting that, say 10,000 rows at a time. To say the least it is tedious. You have to write your SQL very carefully. The option to export a slice of the table is there, but not obvious. Once you download it though, you need to check it. Is it complete? For each file I used the Unix tail command. Each SQL statement in the export should end in a semicolon. If you are missing a semicolon at the end of the export then, no, that slice is not complete. So you make smaller slices but with persistence, care and a great deal of tedium it can be done.

Moving the files turned out to be another issue. Last time I was successful because FTP worked. This time it didn’t. A query to their customer care line provided instructions that didn’t work. I think it’s part of a deliberate strategy. If you can’t get your files off of their site, how can you move it? You are a customer for life. The files that mattered were images, most for the attachment mod for phpBB 2. It seemed like a lost cause and given that there were 7900 images, downloading them one at a time with their file manager was not an option. (Of course their file manager is not intelligent enough to allow you to choose multiple files for downloading!)

Necessity turned out to be the mother of invention. I was able to write a short PHP program to at least list the images and output them to the screen. I had to write it using their file manager. With a list of files I could cut and paste this into a program I wrote on my local machine. No FTP? No problem as I could grab the file with HTTP if I knew what the file names were, which I now had. I used PHP’s curl library and some file commands to fetch them one at a time and store them on my local machine.

So with many hours of effort I was able to grab all the images and populate a local database on my machine from the Aabaco database. I had to dig for a copy of phpBB 2 to set up the file structure the phpBB conversion program expected. I created a phpBB 3.2 instance and eventually succeeded in converting it. (I had to fix a few data issues with the database.) And I was able to upload files and database to the new host. It was quite a challenging job but getting off Aabaco is possible, just costly for this particular client.

I have to laugh though. Looking at phpMyAdmin I could get a sense of how “current” their infrastructure is:

  • MySQL version 4.1.4 – released August 31, 2004. (It used MySQL client version 3.23.49, even older!)
  • phpMyAdmin 2.1.19 – released August 28, 2008

All this plus no hidden files allowed! Moreover we were delayed for a while because the phpbb_sessions table had to be repaired. The client told me it happens regularly. Yes on very old machines with problematic disk heads, I’m not surprised that all these reads and writes means this table has to be regularly repaired, by hand of course.

If you absolutely must get your forum off Aabaco web hosting however, you might want to contact me. Given the effort involved though I’m sorry to say it won’t be fast, cheap or easy.

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