Understanding roles, part four – administrator roles

It’s tempting to think of administrators as one size fits all, but you can have various kinds of administrators. The kinds of administrators are based on the roles they are given.

If you don’t want to be granular about administrator privileges, simply add the user to the administrator’s group: ACP > Users and groups > Groups > Manage groups > Administrators > Members. In the Add Users block, enter the usernames on separate lines that you want to make administrators. Use the Find a member link if needed, and press Submit when done. See the screenshot below.

Adding an administrator
Adding an administrator

These new administrators will inherit the Standard Admin.

There are four administrator roles:

  • Standard Admin. Has access to most administrative features but is not allowed to use server or system related tools.

  • Full Admin. Has access to all administrative functions of this board. Not recommended.

  • Forum Admin. Can access the forum management and forum permission settings.

  • User and Groups Admin. Can manage groups and users: Able to change permissions, settings, manage bans, and manage ranks.

The main role to worry about is the Full Admin role, because if you grant it, then you are giving the administrator virtually complete control of the board. The administrator is not technically a founder but might as well be since they can do pretty much anything a founder can do too except make themselves a founder or create additional administrators.

If you want to make someone a founder, you first must already have founder privileges.

ACP > Users and Groups > Manage users

Enter the user’s name and press Submit. In the Founder field select Yes and press Submit.

You can also create a new Administrator role if you want similar to the process used for moderators: ACP > Permissions > Permission roles > Admin roles > Create role

Large and busy boards might find a need to assign people to the Forum Admin and User and Group Admin roles.

These new administrators get into the Administration Control Panel the same way as you do: by selecting the link in the navigation bar or from the link that appears in the footer.

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