Filter by country extension, version 1.0.9-beta is now available for testing

At the end of December 2019, MaxMind, the publishers of the free GeoLite Country Code database used by this extension, required that users authenticate to download the database. So this version addresses this new requirement, but adds no new functionality.

You will have to get a license key to download the extension. The link you can use to get this key is in the extension’s settings page when you install this new version. You do not need to pay to get a license key. In fact, this version will only download the free database.

It will not work on phpBB 3.3, but I am told if you hack the ext.php file it will install and work correctly.

With this and my digests extension now fixed with their backlog of issues, I should be able to install a local PHP 7.4 development environment so I can test all my extensions for phpBB 3.3 and offer versions compatible with phpBB 3.3.

It can be downloaded from the extension’s page or from the GitHub branch. If downloaded from GitHub, make sure to place it an /ext/phpbbservices/filterbycountry directory.

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