Should my board use Tapatalk?

Tapatalk is a service that lets users interact with bulletin boards using mobile devices. Rather than going to a bulletin board with a mobile device’s browser, users can use a Tapatalk app instead.

Tapatalk’s app supports phpBB as well vBulletin, IPBoard, kunena, myBB, WoltLab, SimpleMachines and xenForo. Used with phpBB, you must install a Tapatalk extension downloaded from its website and configure it. If you have an older phpBB 3.0 board, a Tapatalk modification can be installed as well.

Tapatalk provides a common interface for accessing all these forum solutions. This makes things simpler for users if they frequent lots of forums, not all of which are phpBB, providing these forum solutions also integrate with Tapatalk.

In addition to providing a common app, more recently Tapatalk has started hosting their own forums which you can use, called Tapatalk Groups. This has some advantages: they maintain your bulletin board, and host it as well, so it’s effectively free hosting. Users use their app to interact with it. You may be able to import your phpBB bulletin board and create your own Tapatalk Group.

Tapatalk Groups have certain advantages. It’s mobile first. You can integrate donations to fund your board because it’s built into their architecture. But it will serve ads, which is how they normally monetize their service through donations. You can use its built in donations feature to help monetize your board. Spam protection is built in and some customization of the group’s look and feel is available. It’s also cloud hosted, making access very fast with extremely high uptime.

When used with phpBB, not only do you install their extension, but you must also upload a mobiquo folder to your board’s root directory. Most of the work between phpBB and Tapatalk is done by libraries in the mobiquo folder. Your users don’t have to use Tapatalk, but could access your board using a browser as well.

Tapatalk allows you to create a branded app, but they charge for this service. This allows people download your app, not a Tapatalk app per se. They would find the app in the store for their mobile operating system under your brand name. This obviously can simplify things. To access your board, people simply open your branded app.

About twenty percent of my clients have Tapatalk installed. These days, Tapatalk seems less useful. This is because phpBB is now responsive, i.e. you can use a browser on your mobile device to access phpBB and it will size down intelligently for the device’s screen size. Most styles for the old phpBB 3.0 software were not responsive, meaning boards were often be hard to read because they were scrunched down so much to fit the narrow screen width. You had to pinch to zoom in and read content in many cases.

Still, some would prefer to use an app optimized for bulletin boards rather than a mobile browser. For these people, using Tapatalk might be a preferred solution.

You won’t find Tapatalk as one of phpBB’s approved extensions. Why is this? It’s because their mobiquo library is proprietary software and works independently of phpBB’s software, so it violates its GPL-2 license. This makes it ineligible for inclusion in their list of approved extensions.

Also, the Tapatalk app provides a standard user interface, but it won’t reflect your board’s style. You can make posts, create topics and make attachments to posts, but any additional features made available through phpBB’s extensions cannot be used. So you won’t get the same experience with a Tapatalk app that you will get interacting with a web browser.

If you install the Tapatalk extension, be aware that it works outside of phpBB and may introduce problems.

Paper edition of my book is now available

My book, Mastering phpBB Administration is now available in paper. The paper version is 337 pages and costs $19.99.

As I am new to publishing, this is a learning experience. I haven’t found a way to download the Kindle version of my book without paying for it. There is a preview app I downloaded, but it just took the .docx source and transformed it. The result shows an eBook where figures are often misaligned. It may be the preview app is faulty and the Kindle version is fine. If there is an issue with the formatting of the Kindle version, I’ll do my best to correct it as soon as possible.

The paper version though looks great, and you may prefer that. The layout is exactly how I formatted it. As there are many figures and screenshots, it was important to present them so they can be read. I settled on using a Dummies book size as a good size for the book, which is 7.5 inches by 9.25 inches. However, except for the cover, it is in black and white. I could create a color version but it is cost prohibitive for most people. I’d have to price it at over $40. If you’d prefer to purchase a color version let me know and I may go through the hassle of offering one.

Please leave reviews (hopefully positive ones) on Amazon if you read it, as it should help me sell more copies. I began working on it in October 2019, and it turned into a major project. I’ve invested quite a bit of money on the book and am hoping for a return on investment. It was professionally edited, which is a costly endeavor. It should fill a niche very well. Aside from documentation on, there is no book like this. To the extent there are phpBB books out there, they tend to be very old. And they don’t go into the detail I do in this book. If you are a phpBB board administrator and my typical sort of client, you really need this book. It’s a wise investment and a lot less expensive than hiring me or others like me.

I hope to update the book at least annually.

My book is out

Mastering phpBB Administration, by Mark D. Hamill

My book, Mastering phpBB Administration, is available for Kindle downloading. The cost is $9.99. I hope to offer a paperback version soon. I’m new to publishing, so this is a learning experience. Bear with me.

It’s truly chock full of information and basically a brain dump of everything I’ve been doing for 14 years in the phpBB field. It’s meant for phpBB administrators, i.e. my clients. You may not need to hire me if you read it instead. That was certainly its goal. Of course, I’m always available for hire if you prefer me to do the grunt work.

Chapter Titles

  1. What is phpBB?
  2. Why phpBB?
  3. Using phpBB: the basics
  4. Installing phpBB
  5. Basic phpBB configuration
  6. Advanced phpBB configuration
  7. Growing your board
  8. Administrative chores
  9. Handling versioning
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. The future of phpBB


  • A. phpBB and web hosting
  • B. Setting up and using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • C. Creating a custom style
  • D. Converting to phpBB from other forum solutions
  • E. Rehosting

The book is 335 pages, formatted for print (7.5 x 9.25 inches). I hope to offer a paper version soon, so stay tuned.

New guidance on phpBB and system crons

A recent release of my digests extension revealed underlying problems not only in the extension, but also on guidance I’ve been giving for setting up phpBB and system crons. I can’t seem to edit the Wiki page, but I left notes on my digests extension discussion forum. I need to place them here for wider visibility. I will update the Wiki page when that technical issue is resolved.

With my digests extension, it’s generally important for digests to be mailed on time. Otherwise it depends on board traffic to send digests, which on sites with low traffic could result in significant delays in receiving digests.

There are two ways to do this in an automated way:

  • Create a system cron
  • Use a phpBB cron, but use a tool to call the board at least hourly, which kicks off phpBB’s cron process, which includes handling any scheduled outgoing digests

With a system cron, it turns out that you can’t use a semicolon to separate commands on one line in most cases. So this guidance is wrong in most cases. It all depends on the Linux shell used by the root user, which is usually bash. So when programming a cron job, to get two commands to work on one line, you need this instead:

cd /path/to/board && ./bin/phpbbcli.php cron:run

The && acts as a conditional, essentially saying that if the command to the left of the && succeeds, then issue the command to its right.

On my test board I also discovered I had to change the permissions on the /bin/phpbbcli.php program to 755, as the cron needs the execute permission, and it’s lacking with 644 permissions. This is not ideal as this introduces a potential security issue. Considering it’s just one file, I consider the security implications minor at best. With a system cron, you need to program a real cron job and tell phpBB to not use its built in cron based on board traffic: ACP > General > Server settings > Server settings > Run periodic tasks from system cron > Yes

If you want to use phpBB’s built in cron, you need to call it at least hourly and create a cron using curl, wget or lynx to hit your phpBB board as if it were a browser. If you follow the Wiki approach it causes a HTTP redirect, which basically causes it to fail. So the cron should look more like this (all on one line):

* * * * * curl -k -A='Mozilla/5.0'

The key here is to use app.php in the cron, to avoid the redirect.

April 2020 work summary

The number of clients I served in April dropped compared to earlier month. Last year April and May were slow too. However, I had one well paying commercial job that more than paid the bills, and should continue to do so for many months to come. It’s nice to have steady work in tough economic times. It will take a few more months to see if the economic crisis is affecting the overall customer requests I get.

This month I also discovered some new information on doing crons properly in phpBB not covered in the Wiki, but I can’t seem to change the information in the Wiki because logging in no longer works. This can affect my digests extension which can use a cron to send out digests. I’ve also started work on a spam remover extension, that will remove spam posts and private messages using the Akismet web service. Hopefully I’ll have something to show this month.

Work on my book continues at a slower pace. I’ve done two more read throughs of it, finding errors and corrections and am now on what I hope is the final read through. I’ve changed the book size to 7.5 inch by 9.25 inches, the standard size used for Dummies books. As there are lots of screenshots, it was important that they be legible. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I can release it this month. I still need a cover illustration.

  • I upgraded a board from phpBB 3.0.14 to 3.3.0. As part of this, I also upgraded PHP to 7.2.29. The board has 408,000 posts. Added extensions: Google Analytics, Precise Similar Topics and Topic Preview. There were issues installing extensions. For two extensions, I had to create a module category suggested by the error message first. These were installed as mods on phpBB 3.0, so that was likely the cause. The Google Analytics extension wouldn’t install using my Vivaldi browser, but would using Firefox. Go figure. I disabled the contact page, set up reCAPTCHA V2 Invisible spambot countermeasure, and created a home link. I had to make myself a founder using the database. Installed the Anime style and its extension. I investigated upgrading MariaDB to a newer version, but it requires command line instructions. A few days later I fixed an issue that brought down board by removing trailing comma from allowed_schemes_links configuration variable using MySQL and manually purging the cache. I turned this is a phpBB problem report, documented here, which looks like it will get fixed in phpBB 3.3.1.
  • Earlier, I attempted an upgrade to phpBB 3.3.0 that I had to roll back because the host (Network Solutions) didn’t have a PHP version you could select greater than 7.0! Unbelievable! Upgraded and reenabled the ShareOn extension and installed Thanks for the Posts extension.
  • I added new audio control to a board that features a streaming music player, since the old service seemed to go defunct. Some testing with the provided audio players, which were too big on the board’s header, resulted in a simple link to the music service instead, that opened in a new window.
  • Placed a new ad at top of page using Advertisement management extension. This included uploading a new ad image. I disabled the old ad.
  • I attempted to add Facebook tracking code to a custom style. I copied overall_header.html template from the AllanStyle-SUBSILVER template folder and made changes in the custom style. I tried purging the cache multiple times but the code never appeared. I even rebooted the web server. Eventually, I figured out the underlying reason was that the block of code I added was placed inside a S_ALLOW_CDN statement, before the <!– ENDIF –> statement, and since the template switch wasn’t getting executed the Facebook tracking code wasn’t getting added.
  • For my commercial client so generous to pay me my commercial rate, I spent much of the month working on this project. In March, I made an unsuccessful attempt to upgrade a test version of the database. The client made a new version of the old phpBB 3.0.11 database that was better sanitized, tried again and eventually succeeded. To convert the database, I need a PHP 5 environment, so it was hard to do on their server so I had to do it on my machine in a virtual machine, and that added time and hassle. I then began to try to retrofit the styling to make it look as close as possible to the existing styling. This meant hiding certain features and disabling others. The old styles used the Bootstrap framework and SCSS. The idea is get away from Bootstrap since styles are now responsive in phpBB, but it’s easier said than done, but otherwise keep the SCSS. Went through two iterations for client feedback, and there will likely be a couple more. In some cases I am using extensions to replace functionality, like the Board Announcements extension to see general text on the index. This is pretty challenging work and should keep me well employed probably through the end of the year. Likely in May I will be doing mostly styling work. I am using a custom style, inheriting from prosilver, to minimize the impact of future updates to phpBB. When the styling is done, there will be extensions to write to incorporate lots of additional functionality.