Edit subscribers bug fix

If the edit subscribers feature of digests is not working for you, except possibly the pagination feature, you are not alone. I haven’t had any issues with it in my development or test environments, but others have. Anyhow, there is now a solution if this is happening to you which is described in this post.

The fix will be rolled out in the next release of digests, version 3.2.16 which is in development.

Update October 10, 2019: According to this poster the <form> tag needs to have the novalidate attribute set as well. This post describes how this template can be appropriately changed.

Digests 3.2.12 released

This release incorporates three major bug fixes, so be sure to update the extension. Details in this topic. You can download it from my digests extension page or GitHub. If getting it from GitHub, place it in the correct place: /ext/phpbbservices/digests. With any extension, update it the correct way: disable it, remove the files, upload the new files to the correct folder, then reenable the extension.

Digests extension approved

It took three years, but the phpBB extension review team has approved my digests extension. Given its complexity, my less than stellar skills at programming in the new extensions architecture, and the long lag time for getting a review, it’s not too surprising that it took so long.

The extension can be found here.

Further support questions should be addressed here.