My extensions popularity statistics

The phpBB Group keeps track of how many times an approved extension gets downloaded. I was surprised by how often some of my extensions have been downloaded as well as surprised that some, like my Digests extension which I’ve had the longest hasn’t been downloaded more often as it should be very useful. Filter by Country and Spam remover, both fairly recently extensions, have been big hits.

Here are my current download statistics:

  • Spam remover: 167,434 downloads
  • Filter by Country: 109,644 downloads
  • Selective mass emails: 26,899 downloads
  • Smartfeed: 3558 downloads
  • Digests: 2122 downloads

Spam remover extension released – development version

I’ve been working on a spam remover extension, and today I released a first version of this extension. It uses the popular Akismet web service heavily used to moderate comments on WordPress sites automatically.

This extension is not designed to moderate new posts and private messages using Akismet. There’s already an extension for that, created by Senky. This extension can find deep, embedded spam and remove it.

I’ve had many clients over the years with this issue and there hasn’t been a solution, at least until now. But this is a development version, so it shouldn’t be used on a live board.

You can learn more about it on its page.