Do I need to update?

On this page I am keeping my own assessments of whether you need to update phpBB from a previous version. This page will be updated with each new release of phpBB starting with version 3.2.0. Some updates are nice to have, some are good ideas and some are essential. 

I also indicate the database tables that should be backed up before doing the update. I show the default phpbb_ as the table prefix. Your table prefix may be different, and can be found by inspecting your config.php file. You don’t need to bother backing up other tables as they are not changed. If doing multiple updates, say 3.2.5 from 3.2.2, make sure you backup all the tables shown for each of these releases: ACP > Maintenance > Backup. In the event something goes wrong, recover these tables and revert your files and you are back in business. The database can often be successfully restored in ACP > Maintenance > Restore.

Disable your forum before making any updates.

If you would like me to update your forum, I suggest using my service inquiry form. See my pricing summary page for rates I charge.

This page will be updated when new releases occur. 

phpBB 3.2 (Rhea)

phpBB Version (Release date)Tables updatedDo I need to update?
3.2.8 (September 20, 2019)
phpbb_config, phpbb_migrationsYes. Three security issues were fixed.
3.2.7 (May 5, 2019)phpbb_config, phpbb_migrationsUpdate desirable. No new security issues were addressed, but bug affecting tokens used when logging in was addressed.
3.2.6 (April 29, 2019)phpbb_config, phpbb_migrationsNot essential. No security issues were addressed.
3.2.5 (December 22, 2018)phpbb_config, phpbb_migrationsNot essential. No security issues were addressed.
3.2.4 (November 16, 2018)phpbb_config, phpbb_forums, phpbb_migrationsUpdate desirable. One security issue was addressed but it’s relatively low risk as it can only be exploited if the attacker has hijacked an account with founder status. Some PHP 7.2 issues were also addressed if you use this version of PHP.
3.2.3 (September 13, 2018) phpbb_config, phpbb_migrationsUpdate if you need to support multiple attachments. A bug with this logic was fixed.
3.2.2 (January 7, 2018)phpbb_acl_options, phpbb_bbcodes, phpbb_config, phpbb_migrations, phpbb_styles, phpbb_usersUpdate desirable. One minor, relatively low risk security vulnerability was fixed.
3.2.1 (July 16, 2017)phpbb_config, phpbb_migrations, phpbb_user_notificationsUpdate required. Three security vulnerabilities were addressed. Fixes a major server-side request forgery exploit.
3.2.0 (January 7, 2017) Lots. Back up the entire database before upgrading.Base of the minor version.