Notify admin on new error log entries


This is a relatively simple extension that notifies administrators if a new entry is made to phpBB’s error log. The admin must have the view log permission.

phpBB won’t draw attention to new entries in this log, yet the errors in this log are typically important and require prompt analysis and correction. For example, if phpBB can’t send an email, a notification will typically appear in phpBB’s error log. Unless an admin checks this log, however, the error will be ignored. To see the error log: ACP > Maintenance > Forum logs > Error log

A notification is sent to all applicable admins except to the admin triggering the error, who should see it when it occurs. By default, no email notification is sent. However, the extension allows an admin with the privilege to get an email notification too. This setting must be enabled:UCP > Board preferences > Edit notification options > Admin log error notification. See screenshot.

User control panel interface for admin log error notifications


This extension is in development status so should not be used on a live board.

Downloads and support

This extension can also be downloaded from its GitHub page. Select the branch for the version wanted.

1.0.0-devMay 22, 2022

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