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Mark Daniel Hamill

Summary: Over 30 years of paid professional experience programming, maintaining, designing and managing information systems.


  • Master of Science in Software Systems Engineering, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, August 1999.  (Course List)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, March 1978.
  • I’ve had extensive employment related training including project management (PMI), operations (ITIL), database administration, operating system, 3GL and 4GL programming, object oriented software development, and software engineering.


Owner and Consultant (phpBB Services)

May 2006 to Present: I provide part time troubleshooting, modification, customization and installation services for open source software, principally phpBB, an open source forum solution. Work is done remotely for clients across the world.

Environment: PHP, phpBB, Apache, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS

Greenfield Community College, Adjunct Instructor

January 2017 to December 2018: Adjunct Instructor. I taught Web Site Development Development (CIS-151) and Javascript (CIS-231). I taught both courses twice.

Environment: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

The Tech Foundry, Volunteer Instructor

October – November 2016: Volunteer Instructor. I taught the basics of HTML and CSS.

Environment: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, Supervisory IT Specialist

Feb 2004 to August 2014: Chief, National Internet Data Systems Unit, National Water Information System, Water Resources Discipline. I lead a geographically disbursed team that maintains the content for a highly trafficked real time web site serving up both real time and historical data and statistics on the nation’s water resources. I was the system manager for the USGS Water Data for the Nation Web Site and the USGS Water Services Web Site. I directed and supervised a team of five full time and direct four part time employees in the operation and development of a highly trafficked and critical real-time web site. The site is used by the USGS to deliver and showcase its voluminous water science data and is the primary portal for its water science data. Traffic on the sites are approximately 30 million page requests per month and have grown about six fold during my employment at the USGS. My work has involved aggressive steps to improve the performance and functionality of the site to a new higher performing platform. In addition, I was the champion and advocate for water web services for the USGS, resulting in a new highly efficient platform for the delivery of water science data using XML, JSON and other technologies. USGS Water Services web site averages about 10 million page requests per month. Together the two sites I managed ranked #1 and #3 most trafficked sites within the USGS National Web System when I left the job. I also advocated and oversaw the use of virtual server technologies, which were adapted and have saved the government many thousands of dollars. My work has been widely recognized and has included two Exceptional performance awards.
Environment: Perl, Python, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Sun Solaris, Section 508, XHTML, Javascript, J2EE, Web Services, XML, JSON, PMI, ITIL, Virtual Servers.

Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, IT Specialist

Jan 1998 to Feb 2004: Software Systems Engineer and Project Manager. I had a variety of duties including technology advocating, project management, team leadership, and software development. I successfully deployed the first extranet for my agency in December 1999.  Duties involve all aspects of the software engineering life cycle including project management, requirements management, database design, application design and implementation.  In addition developed a means of collecting and validating complex information using Excel 97 and Oraxcel.  I also provide technical oversight in a number of areas. I represent our agency at the policy level on a number of technical areas including search engine technology and public key (PKI) infrastructure. I was also tasked to purchase and integrate enterprise reporting and data warehousing tools for our agency.
Environment: Crystal Enterprise 8.0, Rational 2001 Suite, HAHTsite 4.0, Oracle 9i, PowerDesigner Data Architect, PL/SQL, Windows 98/NT, Crystal Reports 8.5, Adobe Acrobat, Excel 97, MS Project, XML, PDF, XSLT, J2EE, JSP.

Northern Virginia Community College (Loudoun Campus), Adjunct Instructor

Aug 1999 to December 2014: I was an adjunct instructor in the Information Systems Technology curriculum. I teach Computer Fundamentals, Web Page Design I, Web Page Design II, Structured Query Language and PL/SQL Programming. I teach generally one course per semester to approximately 20 students. Course is taught one week day per week. This was a part time position in addition to my full time job (above). There were some gaps of employment due to conflicts with my full time job.

United States Air Force 7th Communications Group, Computer Specialist

Sept 1997 to Jan 1998: Technical Leader for a project which demonstrated the ability to directly access legacy data stored in DB2 on an IBM MVS mainframe using standard desktop reporting tools.

Environment: Crystal Reports 5.0, Visual Basic 5.0, Shadow Direct.

Sept 1995 to Sept 1997: Technical Leader for RAPIDS, an object oriented multiuser client/server application for the Air Staff, Pentagon. I made key technical decisions and ensured software engineering practices were being used.

Environment: PowerBuilder Enterprise, Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.0, PVCS, ObjectCycle, SQA Team Test, Windows 95. System is being designed to comply with MIL-STD 498 and Level II of the SEI Capability Maturity Model.

Sept 1994 to Sept 1995: Technical Leader for Options Development System. I managed a group of programmer analysts, made key technical decisions, deployed the system and lead the product support effort.

Environment: Ingres Windows/4GL, Ingres, AIX, C, Microsoft Windows 3.1.

Sept 1993 to Sept 1994: Technical Leader for Carnahan Project. I managed a group of maintenance programmers to add complex new functionality to a large legacy budget system used by the Secretary of the Air Force.

Environment: MVS TSO/ISPF, AIX, C, PL/I, REXX, DB2, Ingres, NFS.

Jan 1992 to Sept 1993: Senior Programmer Analyst and Database Administrator, Program Data System. PDS is used by the Air Staff to allocate aircraft, missiles and flying hours to units in the Air Force.


Jan 1989 to Jan 1992: Programmer Analyst, Program Data System. I was a maintenance programmer for this complex budget system used by the Air Force. (Note: software was migrated from a Multics to an IBM MVS platform during this time.)

Environment: All of above, also Multics, MRDS, LINUS, Probe. In addition I did some microcomputer application work (MicroPOM) using Quicksilver.

American Technical Resources, Programmer/Analyst

September 1988 to December 1988:  As a subcontractor, I created an Audio-Visual Project Management Information System for the Department of Labor. I performed all the work, from requirements management, coding, to implementation. Approximately 40,000 lines of code.
Environment: MS-DOS 3.3, Clipper Summer 87.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Programmer/Analyst

September 1987 to September 1988:  Performed applications and systems programming over local area networks.  Major Projects: Voting System (dBase III Plus/Clipper), customized accounting system (DataFlex), conversion of campaign reelection data (DataFlex to dBase III/Clipper), PC-NFS to UNIX telecommunications (Bourne Shell).
Environment: SUN 3/280S, SUN 3/160S and Novell LAN hardware linking 50 plus IBM compatible microcomputers over Ethernet and S-Net.

Defense Mapping Agency, Computer Programmer Analyst

January 1986 to August 1987: Programmer/Analyst for existing inventory subsystems. Major Projects: Inventory Tracking System (COBOL), Map and Chart microcomputer Inventory Control System (DataFlex).  Microcomputer work on single user IBM compatible 286 PCs using DataFlex.
Environment: Burroughs B6900 mainframe using WFL, COBOL, CANDE, DMSII.


  • “Quicksilver and dBXL”, December 1990, The Monitor, Capital PC Users’ Group
  • Exceptional Performance Ratings, 2008 and 2010
  • Excellent Performance Ratings, 1990-2001, 1983


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