Extension installation, update and removal

What are extensions?

Extensions allow you to add features to phpBB beyond what is available by default. They are similar to WordPress plugins, in that they are relatively easy to install, update and delete. Moreover you can update or upgrade phpBB and your extensions should keep working, providing you deactivate them beforehand. I say “should” because every extension asserts which versions of phpBB it will work with. So it’s possible an extension will disappear when you update or upgrade phpBB even if you reactivate them. An updated version of the extension may be available.

Note that extensions are relatively new and were introduced with phpBB 3.1. If you have phpBB 3.0 or 2.0, you had to install modifications to add functionality.

Official extensions can be downloaded here. These are high quality because they are rigorously tested by the phpBB Group before inclusion.

If you know how to use FTP you probably don’t need me to install, update and remove them for you. Many board owners though prefer to have me do the work because they have other things to do with their time. Some extensions require considerable configuration. You may want me to handle these for you. Installing extensions is straightforward so you may want to do this yourself using instructions here as well as on the Customise tab in the Administration Control Panel.


If you would like me to do it for you, I will install any extension but I only warrant my work for approved extensions. While I can install an extension, I am not the extension author. It’s possible but unlikely that an extension won’t work on your particular board, or have bugs.

Updating and Removing

Updating and removing extensions is also straightforward, so you may want to try to do this yourself. If you would like me to update your extension, the cost is the same as installing the extension since the work is the same. I will physically disable, delete an extension’s data and physically delete the extension’s files.


If you find bugs or misbehavior in an extension, I may be able to troubleshoot it and get it working in an acceptable fashion. This generally involved looking at the topic associated with the extension to see if others are having problems or asking questions of the extension author. Sometimes though I resolve find the problem by hacking at the code. Troubleshooting is billed at my normal hourly rate.

Getting my assistance

I suggest sending me a service inquiry.

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