phpBB is powerful and sophisticated forum software that is free and open source. phpBB can often be installed directly from your web host control panel for free with a few clicks. Look for a scripting center or similar area of the control panel. If you choose this option you will get a default installation with the prosilver style installed. You can often also use the tool to upgrade the forum, sometimes automatically.

phpBB is written in PHP, a powerful scripting language installed by default on virtually all web servers. phpBB has certain system requirements which you can see here.

Sometimes you might want to have someone install phpBB for you because you have unique requirements or you want it to be in a particular folder. Installing phpBB on a web host can be confusing without skills in FTP, editing files on the server and setting up a database. If you choose, I can install and configure your phpBB forum.

If you would like me to do the installation I need the following information:

  • The name of the styles or styles you want installed. Styles provide the colors, fonts and images that are used uniformly across your forum and give the forum a professional and artistic look. The default style for phpBB 3 is prosilver. If selecting more than one style, provide the default style for your board. Free styles can be demoed here. Some paid styles are available from third party sites.
  • Any other avatarsrank imagessmilies etc. you want installed other than the default one. You can look at them here.
  • The language packs you want installed. British English is installed be default. If you are in the United States, you might want the American English language pack installed.
  • The phpBB extensions you want installed. Extensions are similar to WordPress plugins and provide additional functionality to phpBB without requiring the base code of phpBB to be overwritten. You can see a list of approved extensions here.
  • The name you want for your forum.
  • The location you want under your domain for the forum. The default is /phpBB3. You can also specify a subdomain, like If you will have only a set of forums for your domain, you may prefer to install it in your web root folder, so when someone comes to your domain they first see your phpBB board index. If you want your main domain to automatically redirect to your forum let me know.

Getting started

A simple installation generally no more than a couple hours, once I get started, and providing I have from you the correct information. To get started, I suggest sending me a service inquiry.