Other PHP work

While I specialize in phpBB, I am often capable of installing and troubleshooting other PHP applications. Feel free to write me and describe your project and I will be glad to tell you my comfort level with the work and if I agree to do it, an estimate. I can install many PHP applications for you. I am quite familiar with WordPress and have installed WordPress and added themes and plug-ins to it many times.

HTML, CSS and Javascript work

In addition, I have near expert knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, three fundamental web technologies and teach these at a local community college. So most likely I can do it quickly and elegantly.

How to get started

I suggest sending me a service inquiry.

If you administer a phpBB board, you should find my book Mastering phpBB Administration invaluable. Learn lots of tips, tricks and secrets I learned from serving over 400 clients. Paper and Kindle versions available.