phpBB 2.0 and 3.0 modification installation and updating

If you have phpBB 3.0 (or even 2.0), functionality can be added beyond what is available out of the box through modifications. Note that in phpBB 3.1 and higher, modifications are not supported. Extensions are used instead.

Modifications changed the base phpBB code, hence they are somewhat difficult to install and troubleshoot. In addition, updating phpBB can affect your modifications.

If you depend on these platforms though, I can install, update, delete and troubleshoot modifications. Prior to phpBB 3.1, this was probably the largest part of my business.

I generally install only officially approved phpBB 3.0 modifications (mods). Long experience has found that installing other mods often results in flaky behavior, resulting in problems that are hard to troubleshoot and making the work unprofitable. If I agree to install a non-approved mod, it will be with the understanding that I will not guarantee that it will work as designed and you will compensate me for my time regardless of whether it works as you envisioned.

You might want to use AutoMOD to install phpBB Modifications. Note that AutoMOD can be tricky to use. It will patch in code changes at the applicable point in the code if it can, but it does not know if in doing so a syntax error was introduced. When syntax errors are introduced, part of phpBB will stop working. Typically you will see a white screen. In many cases you must download the changed files and then upload them. In addition, AutoMOD will not apply changes to non-standard styles, and will not install language files by default for languages other than British English. Often, particularly if the mod is complex or needs to be integrated with other mods already installed and not cause conflicts, you might want it done professionally.

I generally use the author’s guidelines on how easy the modification is to install. See my pricing summary. I classify mods as easy, medium and hard based on the mod’s installation file. However, sometimes mod authors aren’t quite as candid as they should be, or are unduly optimistic. So I will do a reality check on it by looking at its installation instructions and price it accordingly.

Please note: while I will install a mod and do my best to get it to work in your environment, I am not the mod author so I cannot guarantee I will be able to get it to function properly in your environment. Caveat emptor.

How to get started

I suggest sending me a service inquiry.

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