phpBB Tutoring

Sometimes you just need a little personal coaching so you can do work yourself. I offer phpBB tutoring services. I usually tutor via Skype but I can use other online solutions such as Google Hangouts, Webex or TeamViewer if you have these solutions. The solution should allow for both audio and screen sharing, although the telephone can be used for the audio if needed.

From simple things like installing phpBB to complex things like troubleshooting phpBB issues, I can help you gain quick proficiency. My charge for tutoring is the same as for troubleshooting and is my regular hourly rate.

I’ve tutored many clients over the years, and my knowledge of phpBB, PHP, web servers and databases is quite extensive. In addition I have taught many courses in the computer sciences, so I am an experienced teacher. Most tutoring can be done relatively quickly and cheaply.

How to get started

Please send me a service inquiry.