Sorry, I am not a phpBB style artist. I cannot create custom styles for your site, as others are far more artistically gifted than I am and know how to wield complex tools like Adobe Photoshop to maintain and update a style. If you need a style artist, I suggest looking at the phpBB style demo gallery. If you see styles you admire, email the author and see if they are willing to do the work for you.

However, I can extensively tweak existing styles, integrate logos into the style and solve most issues with styles rendering incorrectly in browsers. I can change fonts, font sizes, colors, background colors and solve general positioning issues due to my comprehensive understanding of HTML and CSS. I have also integrated phpBB forums into existing WordPress themes successfully.

For fixing general style layout issues, I charge my standard labor rate. Most style issues can be solved in an hour or less.

How to get started

I suggest sending me a service inquiry.

If you administer a phpBB board, you should find my book Mastering phpBB Administration invaluable. Learn lots of tips, tricks and secrets I learned from serving over 400 clients. A paper (7.5 x 9.68 inches) and an ePub version are available.