Paper edition of my book is now available

My book, Mastering phpBB Administration is now available in paper. The paper version is 337 pages and costs $19.99.

As I am new to publishing, this is a learning experience. I haven’t found a way to download the Kindle version of my book without paying for it. There is a preview app I downloaded, but it just took the .docx source and transformed it. The result shows an eBook where figures are often misaligned. It may be the preview app is faulty and the Kindle version is fine. If there is an issue with the formatting of the Kindle version, I’ll do my best to correct it as soon as possible.

The paper version though looks great, and you may prefer that. The layout is exactly how I formatted it. As there are many figures and screenshots, it was important to present them so they can be read. I settled on using a Dummies book size as a good size for the book, which is 7.5 inches by 9.25 inches. However, except for the cover, it is in black and white. I could create a color version but it is cost prohibitive for most people. I’d have to price it at over $40. If you’d prefer to purchase a color version let me know and I may go through the hassle of offering one.

Please leave reviews (hopefully positive ones) on Amazon if you read it, as it should help me sell more copies. I began working on it in October 2019, and it turned into a major project. I’ve invested quite a bit of money on the book and am hoping for a return on investment. It was professionally edited, which is a costly endeavor. It should fill a niche very well. Aside from documentation on, there is no book like this. To the extent there are phpBB books out there, they tend to be very old. And they don’t go into the detail I do in this book. If you are a phpBB board administrator and my typical sort of client, you really need this book. It’s a wise investment and a lot less expensive than hiring me or others like me.

I hope to update the book at least annually.