Extensions development

What are extensions?

Extensions allow board owners to extend forums to add additional functionality beyond what comes “out of the box”. A list of officially approved phpBB extensions can be found here. There’s a good chance someone has already developed an extension that will meet your need.

Will you develop my custom extension?

With a couple of extensions under my belt, I will take on the development of custom extensions providing I feel I can do it cost effectively. Otherwise, I will refer you to a qualified phpBB extension developer who might want to develop your extension. So feel free to send me a service inquiry. Extensions are developed at my general labor rate. See my pricing summary for my current labor rates.

Why are extensions so costly to develop?

Developing extensions is time consuming, thus costly and consequently thus something most people can’t afford. It takes a lot more work to develop an extension than to do the same thing as an old phpBB 3.0 or 2.0 modification since they must be “hooked into” the code and placed in a separate file areas. The old phpBB modifications inserted code changes right into phpBB’s production code! This was more dangerous but much more expeditious. Except for the most trivial extensions, expect any developer to charge hundreds of dollars or more.

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