Extensions development

Extensions allow board owners to extend forums to add additional functionality beyond what comes “out of the box”. A list of officially approved phpBB extensions can be found here. There’s a good chance someone has already developed an extension that will meet your need.

In general, I don’t develop custom extensions. However, I will refer you to highly qualified developers I know in the phpBB community who do this work.

Why are extensions so costly to develop?

Developing extensions is time consuming, thus costly and consequently thus something most people can’t afford. It takes a lot more work to develop an extension than to do the same thing as an old phpBB 3.0 or 2.0 modification. Except for the most trivial extensions, expect any developer to charge hundreds of dollars or more.

Why don’t you develop extensions?

There are two reasons I don’t typically develop extensions for clients:

  • Lack of time. I also teach a class and that take precedence. So most of my work tends to be of short duration jobs that can be done in a few hours.
  • Others can do it faster and more adroitly. I have developed two extensions: Smartfeed and Digests. It’s a huge learning curve, even for an experienced PHP programmer and phpBB developer. Official extensions undergo extensive quality review which is why it takes months just to get a review. I’d rather a client be satisfied with a quality job by someone with the time and the best skills available. I tend to recommend trusted developers I have interacted with on the forums on phpbb.com, whose extensions I admire.